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50+ Sad Instagram Captions and Share Your Sadness

Sad Instagram Captions and Share Your Sadness

Instagram can be one of the best social media platforms to share your life with others. You can share everything here like your feelings, pictures, videos, and also stories. But have you realized that sometimes, it is not easy to make good sad Instagram captions?

If people usually said it is bad when you share your sadness with others, then we don’t think so. You are not something that can’t feel sadness, you are a human too. You will never know when the whole world will bring you down and who will cause heartbreaks.

You may have different purposes why you want to share your sadness with others. For example, you can be so lonely and want others to realize that you are falling or just want to share it. Instagram can be something that channeling your emotions with others. Further, you may wipe your tears and feel relieved after that.

For you who feel so sad and want to share it on your Instagram account, you are pretty strong. Start to believe that from all the hurts you get, you can be stronger. Also, all of these things can bring a hidden power that you never realized. You come to the right place for some sad Instagram captions that you will love.

Instagram Captions When You Sad

Best Sad Instagram Captions

  • Not all happiness stays forever. It comes but it’s gone like that 🖤
  • You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto things that make you sad 😞
  • The ugly truth is no one is really happy in their life.
  • After laughter comes tears 😶
  • Wish I could turn back time.
  • My head is not a good place. Trust me you don’t want to know.
  • Just don’t be too sad.
  • Maybe you pretend something you are not.
  • Nostalgia hitting me right now.
  • I’m sick right now and it sucks 🥺
  • Maybe I smile, but I’m not happy
  • We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one.
  • Disappointed but not surprised.
  • Maybe this is a difficult thing, but it must be lived.
  • It’s never the tear that measures the pain, sometimes it’s the smile use fake💔
  • It’s soo much easier to just smile🙂💔
  • I’m still here 😣💔
  • Still can’t believe what happened.
  • I disappoint myself.
  • Ask me how I’m doing? I say “OK” 😕💔
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Sad Instagram Captions About Love

Sad Instagram Captions About Love

  • I don’t want to be with a boy whose heart belongs to somebody else, just once I want to be somebody else’s first choice.
  • I hope you love me.
  • I Close My Eyes & Dream of A Time When I Wasn’t All Alone 😔
  • Now you are just a stranger with all my secrets.
  • You said you didn’t want to lose me but you weren’t trying to keep me.
  • You broke my heart and made me feel like it’s my fault.
  • Have you ever prayed for someone to be yours so badly?
  • When you are broken enough and the people you love, those who you want to be there for you just leaves you. It adds to the emotional breakdown. Then you are all crushed and you don’t say anything. You just remain silent. And that silence haunts your thoughts. The voice in your mind never stops. It repeatedly tells something that your heart doesn’t want to listen. Which it doesn’t want to accept. Tears roll down your cheeks but your hands couldn’t just lift them to wipe it out. They dry on your cheeks and leave their marks. Your eyes oozes so much that they become blood red. It seems like if you cry for some more time, blood may come out. BUT you remain silent. ‘You’ without uttering any word just scream inside and fake a smile. when someone asks you what happened? It does hurt a lot😔
  • I like me better when I’m with you.
  • At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life 🖤
  • Have you ever expected from someone and got disappointed?
  • Because of the situation
  • Have you ever lost someone you loved?
  • I hate flashbacks of things I don’t want to remember.
  • Goodbye to my hope with no promises
  • This love changed to darkness
  • I’m just stuck up in my thoughts
  • I don’t know anything about you anymore.
  • The only thing left is empty feelings and dark night.
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Sad Captions for Instagram

Sad Captions for Instagram

  • You steal my heart and run away
  • I’m just an angel waiting to go back home, to fly away, to disappear.
  • I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.
  • I rather be alone than being with you.
  • Never judge a person without listening to the whole story.
  • I don’t care.
  • What did hurt the most was not you going away, was me needing to accept and move one.
  • I can’t be with you anymore; you don’t make me happy like you did at first. But I will always remember the beautiful memories we made together.
  • You will never know how much you ruined me.
  • Hold on I still love you. Comeback I still need you 🖤
  • Walking alone is not a problem for me, but it would be better if you’re here 🖤
  • Please do not let our love be like this 🖤
  • This morning I woke up with happiness when I saw you lying next to me. But then I realized that it was all a dream 🖤
  • Let’s turn back the time to the start before you broke my heart.
  • I got fake people showing fake love to me.
  • I keep telling myself that it will get better, but the waiting seems endless.
  • Cancers and illnesses kill, but so does love, so where’s the medicine for it?
  • I may lose someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly LOVE YOU
  • What do you do when your hearts in pain?
I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to express myself and to connect with others through the written word. I believe that Instagram captions are a powerful tool for storytelling and self-expression.

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